Sewer And Drain Cleaning: Things That Can Break Your Sewer Line

sewer and drain cleaning

As a homeowner, it’s vital that you know about damaged sewer lines as your lines will break at one point.

Things that cause a sewer line break

According to sewer and drain cleaning professionals, many things can cause your sewer line to break. Some of these things include:

Age: Just like other units, the sewer line grows old. The length of time that the lines break depends on the material used in making them. If you have clay pipes, they will most likely break after 50 years. Sewer pipes made from the iron will last for a long time if they aren’t affected by corrosion.

Roots: Tree roots are designed to seek water underground. If you have a large tree in your yard, close to the sewer lines, the roots might reach the pipes and damage them in the process.

Freeze-thaw cycles: The freeze-thaw cycles cause the expansion and contraction of the sewer pipes. When these cycles take place over a long period, the pipes are damaged.

Nearby construction: If a construction and maintenance project is going on near the sewer lines, the stress might shift the earth putting pressure on the lines, causing them to break.

Poor installation: Another common reason that will result in damage to your sewer lines is poor installation. When the drain contractor improperly installs the lines, they will come apart after only a short while.

What you should do with broken sewer lines

When your sewer lines are broken, you have two options: repair or replace them. Your choice should be informed by the extent of the damage. If they are too damaged, you have no way out other than to replace them, but if the damage is minor, you should hire a sewer company to help you with the repair.

If the pipes require replacement, one of the best options that you should go with is a trenchless pipe and drain repairs. Here the drain pipe repair contractor inserts the line from one end without digging the ground. This method is not only highly effective, it also saves you a lot of time as its completed within the shortest time possible.


This is what you need to know about broken sewer pipes. To prevent the pipes from breaking you need to take good care of them.

One of the things you should do is regularly inspect them so that you can identify even the most minor problems before they get worse. For a great experience, work with a reputable sewer line repair contractor.

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Sewer Line Repair: Understanding Sewer Line Problems

sewer line repair

You will come across sewer problems as a homeowner; therefore, it’s imperative that you know about them.

Causes of sewer problems

Sewer line repair professionals observe that sewer problems come about due to many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

Root infiltration: This is where the tree roots find their way into the sewer pipes. In most cases, the roots penetrate the sewer pipe joints causing the issues.

Stoppage: A problem due to a stoppage comes about when there is grease buildup, deposition of baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and other non-biodegradable materials.

Bellied pipe: Here a portion of the pipe is lower than the rest, often due to ground conditions or improper installation. Due to the belly, the pipe doesn’t allow the waste to flow as effectively as it should.

Improper installation: If the sewer pipes are installed using substandard materials, or they have corroded or deteriorated over time, they are more likely to develop issues that you should fix as soon as possible.

Deterioration: The sewer pipes might begin to fail as a result of outside factors. The pipes might also deteriorate due to old age.

Signs your sewer pipes have problems

Many signs will tell you that the sewer pipes have issues. These symptoms include:

Slow drains: According to sewer and drain cleaning professionals, you will experience slow drains when the sewer line has a clog or leak. This problem affects all of the pipes in the house which means that it brings almost the entire house to a halt.

Stinky yard: Does your yard have an awful smell? It means that the wastewater is leaking to the yard causing the water to pool in patches in the front yard. When you are having this problem, you should contact a drain contractor to inspect the sewer line and recommend any necessary repairs.

Rodent or insect problems: A sewer line break would provide an easy entrance for insects and rodents; therefore, if you have recently started noticing that there are many rodents in your home, it’s time to hire a contractor to help you with the inspection.


This is what you need to know about sewer line problems. While the issues are brought about by many factors, it’s good to note that they are preventable. One of the things you should do is to regularly hire a clogged drain opening professional to inspect the system and fix any problems that might be there.

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Sewer Line Repair: Everything You Need To Know About Sewer Problems

sewer line repair

As I have mentioned numerously on this blog, you will come across sewer problems as a homeowner. some of the problems are minor, and you can fix them on your own while others are major and you have to hire a drain contractor to help you get rid of them.

Causes of sewer problems

Sewer problems come about due to many reasons.  Some of these reasons include:

Foreign objects: Foreign objects are materials that aren’t supposed to be in the sewer pipes in the first place. They include: sanitary towels, paper towels, plastics, and any other non-biodegradable materials. When you allow the foreign objects in the sewer pipes, they are caught in the piping systems, obstructing the natural flow.

It’s also common to find grease in the sewer pipes. The grease builds up on the walls of the pipes preventing efficient flow of the waste.

Misaligned pipes: The pipes can be misaligned due to improper installation. They can also develop issues due to soil shifting, frozen ground, and settling of the foundation. These problems cause the shifting, cracking, and even breaking of the sewer pipes.

Tree roots: If you have installed the sewer pipes close to the trees, you should expect them to be affected by tree roots. The tree roots get into the pipes cracking them. Others grow inside the sewer pipes preventing the effective flow of the sewer flow. The result of this is the clogging which requires you to hire a sewer and drain cleaning professional to get rid of.

Collapsed piping system: This problem often comes about due to the aging of the system. Here the sewer pipes crack to the extent that you can’t repair them.

Deciding whether to repair or replace the sewer pipes

When many homeowners face the sewer problems, their main nightmare is whether they should replace or repair the sewer system. To help you out, here is a guide that you should follow to make the decision.

If you can easily access the sewer system, you should consider repairing it. You also should repair the unit if you expect it to last for a long time after the cost of sewer line repair. You should consider replacing the system if it has completely collapsed. Also, replace it if deformed or deteriorated. Clogged drain opening professionals also recommend that you replace the pipes feel that the system is too old and repairing it will be an unnecessary extra cost.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Clogged Drain Opening Professional

clogged drain opening

When you are looking to clean your drains, you have two options: cleaning the units on your own or hiring a sewer and drain cleaning professional to help you out. It’s always better to hire a professional to help you out:

Benefits of hiring a professional

There are plenty of advantages that come with hiring a sewer cleaning professional instead of cleaning the units on your own. Some of these benefits include:

Time-saving: If you are like most of the other homeowners, you have the basic auger or rooter. If you have cleaned the sewer lines before you know that these tools take time to clean the sewer lines. To speed up the cleaning process, you should hire a cleaning company to help you out. The professional you hire will most likely have the latest cleaning tools thus give your drains a clean look within the shortest time possible.

Disease protection: The sewer lines aren’t the cleanest areas of the home—they are packed with bacteria and other pathogens that put you at the risk of developing diseases especially when you get into contact the wastewater. As a homeowner, you might not be having the necessary protective gear such as gloves. When you try unclogging the drains on your own, the wastewater can splash on you putting you at the risk of acquiring diseases.

Sewer pipe protection: While it’s recommended that you first try getting rid of the clogs on your own before you hire a drain contractor, sometimes it’s unwise to do it especially if you have never done it before. If you are using a drain snake, you can easily damage your drains thus be required to buy new pipes which is expensive.

When you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about damaging the drains as the professionals have the necessary experience to use even the most sophisticated tools without damaging the sewer pipes. To protect yourself in the event of an accident, work with an insured professional.

Sewer line inspection: In addition to the sewer line professionals cleaning the sewer lines, they also inspect it for defects. If there are problems, the professionals fix it thus keeping your units working at their best.


These are some of the advantages that come with hiring clogged drain opening professionals to clean the pipes for you instead of doing it yourself. To prevent the problems from coming about, take good care of your sewer lines.

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Sewer And Drain Cleaning: Tips To Preventing Clogs In Your Drains

sewer and drain cleaning

As a homeowner, you will deal with clogged drains now and then. When they come along, you can hire a clogged drain opening professional or remove them on your own. To avoid the stress that comes with removing the clogs and the inconvenience of living in a house with the clogs, you should prevent the clogs from coming about in the first place.

Tips on how to prevent clogs from coming about

It’s easy to prevent the clogs from resulting. Some of the things you need to do include:

Watch what you flush: Flushing the wrong items results to clogs in the toilet drains. While the drains might look strong from a casual look, they are usually weak and designed to handle specific types of waste. To keep them in good shape avoid flushing down towels, cat litter, hygiene products and any other materials that you feel that they might be too tough for the drains. As rule of thumb, never flush down anything that the toilet can’t break up.

Get rid of hair: This is common in the bathroom sink. After you have shaved, it’s common to leave the shavings in the sink or simply let the water run and carry the hair. This is wrong as it’s the prime cause of bathroom drain clogs. According to sewer and drain cleaning professionals, the hair combines with soap forming a thick scum that prevents the pipes from performing as well as they should.

After shaving, you should carefully remove all the hair from the sink and put in it in the trash. You also should clean the hair brushes and combs so that the hair doesn’t fly from the sink. To reduce the chances of even the smallest hair from getting in the sink, install a stopper.

Undertake regular inspections and cleaning: Another highly effective way of keeping your drains in top shape is regularly inspecting them for defects. During the inspections, you can identify even the most minor problems and fix them. You also should make a habit of cleaning the drains at least once a week. All you need to do is run hot water down the drains, and the minor clogs that might be starting to form will be washed away.


These are some of the tips on how to prevent drain clogs from coming about in your home. If you have tried everything and they still develop, hire an experienced clogged drain opening professional to help you with the unclogging.

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Clogged Drain Opening: Tips On How To Prevent Clogs From Coming About

clogged drain opening

Clogged drains are the biggest nightmares that many homeowners go through. In addition to the clogs being frustrating, they are also expensive to get rid of as you have to hire a clogged drain opening professional to aid in the unclogging.

Tips on how to prevent clogs

There are plenty of ways of preventing the clogs from coming about. Some of these ways include:

Preventing grease in the drains: While oil is liquid when hot, it solidifies very fast when it gets into contact with the sewer lines. When a lot of the grease hardens, it blocks the sewer lines preventing adequate sewer flow. To keep the sewer lines in top shape, you should avoid flushing the fat and oils down the sewer lines. The best way of going about it is pouring the excess grease into a jar. Before you clean the dishes, first dry them with a paper towel.

Take good care of the garbage disposal: The garbage disposal takes the trash that you don’t want to put in your drains. If you don’t take good care of the garbage disposal, it will break releasing the waste down your drain which will be problematic. To avoid this, ensure that your garbage disposal is in top shape all the time.

Clean the drains using boiling water: Boiling water comes in handy in getting rid of small clogs. At least once a week, pour a kettle of boiling water down the drains. To make the work more useful, consider adding baking soda to it.

Get rid of nonrecyclable materials: Plastic bags, diapers, and many other materials tend to get into the sewer lines causing a blockage. To avoid the obstruction, you should be cautious of what you flush down the sewer lines. Remember that the only things that you should allow down the sewer lines are solid waste and tissue paper.

Eliminate Foreign objects: Foreign objects such as stones, and others cause blockages in the sewer lines which are expensive to remove. To avoid the cost that comes with hiring a sewer cleaning professional, avoid putting the foreign materials in your drains in the first place.


These are tips on how to prevent sewer clogs from coming about in the first place. In addition to the above tips, also make it a habit of hiring a toilet drain cleaning professional to inspect your unit and fix any issues it might be having. For peace of mind, hire the contractors at least once a year.

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All About Grease Trap And Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

restaurant grease trap cleaning

A grease trap functions as a water separator that filters the kitchen waste water and removes all the fat and oil from the water. The unit is usually used in the kitchen and restaurants where there is a high volume of greasy foods. If this is the first time you are using the grease trap, here are some of the things you need to know about it:

It’s made from different materials

Most of the grease traps are made from metal or hard plastic. They come in a wide range of sizes. The small ones have a capability of handling 4-8 gallons of grease per minute while the larger ones can handle up to 25-50 gallons of oil per minute. Before heading to the store, you should enquire from a reputable drain contractor on the right size of grease trap you should buy. You shouldn’t buy a small unit that won’t be ideal for your projects. You also shouldn’t buy a grease trap that is too large for your application.

The unit requires cleaning

For the grease trap to continue functioning optimally, you need to clean it regularly. If it’s small, you can clean it on your own, but if large hire a grease trap cleaning professional to pump the waste out. To tell the right time to clean the grease trap you need to inspect it regularly. Use a small wooden dowel to measure the oil level. If the level is too high, contact a professional to clean it.

The grease trap requires inspection

Once you have cleaned the unit, you shouldn’t resume using it blindly—you should inspect it to ensure that there are no defects present. After removing the grease, clean the insides of the tank with a scrubber and soap. If you have the skills, consider disassembling the unit to check on even the smallest defects.

It’s common for it to clog

Just like your sewer drains, It’s common for the grease traps to clog up. This comes about when you allow unwanted materials in the trap. A telltale sign that your grease trap is clogged is when it works too slowly. Unless you have the skills, contact a clogged drain opening professional to help you with the unclogging.


This is what you need to know about the grease trap. The most important thing you should do to keep the unit functioning optimally is to undertake regular restaurant grease trap cleaning. As mentioned, you can do it on your own or hire a professional to help you out.

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Septic Cleaning: Areas To Focus On When Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Do you have a septic tank? To take good care of it, you need to keep an eye on a number of specific areas. Some of the areas to focus on include:

Tank baffles

These are units designed to prevent solids from flowing into the disbursement system/ leaching field. It’s common for them to get damaged due to old age or improper installation. When they are damaged they stop working allowing the solids to get into the leaching field which results in the failure of the system. When you are pumping out your tank, ask the septic cleaning professional to inspect the baffles. If they are in bad shape, replace them.

Gray water to solids ratio

This one determines the frequency at which you should pump out your tank. To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t allow the septic tank to exceed 25% of solid waste. Some people allow the ratio to be too high resulting to clogging of the system. At least once a year, hire drain contractor to inspect the system and determine the amount of solids in the system. If too high, pump the tank out.

Ground water intrusion

Since the tank is located underground, it’s common for it to suffer from ground water intrusion. This problem presents itself as a heavy rust discoloration at the top of the tank. When you see this, it means that concrete has cracked or worn out. Due to the crack, excess water gets into the tank. When there is a lot of water into the tank, the leaching system is overloaded putting your system at the risk of failing.

Septic system pump

If the leaching field is located at a higher place than the tank, you have an effluent pump that you need to pay attention to. At least once a year, hire a sewer and drain cleaning professional to inspect the pump and fix any issues it might be having. In most cases, the pump only requires cleaning but if the problem is more than this, hire a professional to fix it. In some cases, the pump is damaged that you have to replace it. When doing it, ensure that you replace it with a high-quality unit.


These are some of the areas you should focus on when working with your septic system. The key to keeping your system in top condition is pumping it out at least once every 2-3 years. You also should hire a clogged drain opening professional regularly to fix the unit.

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AC Contractor For AC Repair Solutions

In today’s sector, there is a myriad of HVAC companies that keep and also set up cooling, heating and ventilating systems. Both commercial as well as domestic customers can occupy these services. The existence of extremely trained specialists has actually made these companies very renowned with their noteworthy services. The professionals have the knowledge for taking care of personalized cover metal, high-efficiency heaters, electronic air cleaners and also ac repair Southampton. These firms consistently stay current on the market’s most sophisticated modern technologies for supplying interior comfort to their customers. Most importantly, you could now avail every one of the services at extremely practical costs.

Background screened service providers

Residence heating systems can be a number of such as heat pumps, oil furnaces, compelled air systems, central heating boilers and also a lot more. Malfunctioning of all these systems can place the lives of you as well as your family members in distress. Home heating repair solutions are available from reputable companies whose specialists treat the systems and your house with respect and also proficiency. Often, even when you take necessary measures for maintaining the residence heating unit healthy and balanced, you really feel the demand of taking furnace repair solutions. Regular heater maintenance solutions by background evaluated professionals will certainly enhance the life expectancy of systems.

Viewing the options

For reputable heating system installation, ensure you are dealing with a reputed ac repair contractor Southampton NY. Likewise, the companies will supply you with cost-free price quotes. Then, you can determine whether to take the services or otherwise.

Some usual troubles

However, when these issues take place, do not attempt to fix it on your own, as not having the proficiency to fix it properly will harm systems a lot more. Therefore, depend just on the sector leaders for high quality work at affordable prices. Take the aid of professionals to conquer residential issues and also avoid unexpected emergency scenarios.

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Drain Contractor: Ways Of Dealing With A Clogged Sink

Slow sink drains are one of the most common problems you will come across as a homeowner. The cool thing is that there are plenty of ways of dealing with them. Some of these ways include:

Use a zip-it tool

A zip-it tool is a unit that you can easily use on your own—you don’t have to hire a drain contractor to help you. The tool is very efficient in clearing the bathroom drain when the clog is brought about by the hair. Insert the tool into the pipe, and you will catch hair and debris that you can quickly pull out. Since its thin, you don’t have to worry about damaging your drains in the process.

Clear the sink flow

Sometimes the pipes aren’t leaking due to problems in the overflow opening. The opening is designed to divert water into the drain when the water level rises too high. The overflow also serves an important role in allowing air into the drain when the sink is filled with water. The air helps the water in the sink to drain faster.

According to sewer and drain cleaning professionals, if you don’t take good care of your sink, the overflow tends to have a lot of debris that can be the cause of the clog and slow draining sink. If you have attempted clearing the clog using the zip-it tool without success, you should access the overflow and clean it.

Make use of natural ingredients

Some people recommend that you use chemicals to get rid of clogs in your drains. While the chemicals work fast, they often damage the sewer drain pipes thus you have to incur the expensive cost of replacing the entire system. The best way of going about it is using natural solvents. The best products to use are: baking soda and vinegar.

Pour ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar into the problematic sink. Wait for at least 15 minutes for the vinegar-baking soda reaction and then pour hot water down the sink. This is to clean the mixture and also drive the clog down. If you do this and still the clog doesn’t go away, consider repeating the process.


These are some of the ways of dealing with a problematic sink drain. To avoid the issues that come with fixing the drain, sewer line repair professionals recommend that you prevent them from happening. This calls for you to be cautious of the materials that you put in the pipes.

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